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To work on others artists projetcts leads me towards unknown and unsuspected inner lands

Film score composer :



Gigi et Didi

Didi et Gigi ,
short movie by Marie Ka – Picture Box (2008)
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Française Française ,
feature film by Souad Elbouhati -
JEM Productions and France 2 cinéma (2007).
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Andalucia Andalucia ,
feature film by Alain Gomis - Mille et une productions (2007).
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Loulou Pour faire le portrait d’un loup ,
animated short by Philippe Petit-Roulet (Prima Linea productions-- France Télévisions distribution) 2003. Pulcinella award of the best television film at the Positano festival,  and UNICEF award.
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Petite lumière Music co-composed with Constance Barrès for Petite Lumière, short by Alain Gomis, Mille et une productions (2002).
L'Afrance L’Afrance, feature film by Alain Gomis, Mille et Une Productions (2001). (Silver Leopard at the Locarno festival, Golden Bayard at Namur International festival of French speaking film, Royal Python of the international film festival of Ouidah, Oumarou Ganda prize and the special European Union of the FESPACO African film festival.
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  Tourbillons ,
short by Alain Gomis, Movimento Production (1999).
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  Tout le monde peut se tromper,
short by Alain Gomis, Movimento Production (1998).


Music for audiobooks

Published by Gallimard Jeunesse editions:

Livres CD :

Le Petit Nicolas Le Petit Nicolas by Sempé / Goscinny (2004).
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Le Soir Poésies comptines et chansons pour le soir,
Gallimard Jeunesse musique, (2003).
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Poésies et comptines Poésies comptines et chansons pour tous les jours,
a twenty-nine poetry and counting rhymes selection directed by Paule du Bouchet (2002).
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Babe Babe  by Dick King Smith (1996).
  Fables by La Fontaine, (1995)
Lili production for Gallimard Jeunesse, directed by Joël Foulon.

Livres cassettes

Matilda Matilda by Rohald Dahl (1994).
Le petit humain Le petit Humain by Alain Serres (1994).
Du commerce de la souris Du commerce de la souris by Alain Serres (1994
Au revoir Blaireau Au revoir Blaireau y Suzanne Varley (1994).
Le long manteau bleu Le long manteau bleu by Suzanne Varley (1994).
Le Hardi petit Tailleur & autres contes de Grimm (1994).
Les Minuscules Les Minuscules by Rohald Dahl (1991).
Adrien qui ne fait rien by Tony Ross (1990).
Un amour de tortue Un amour de tortue by Rohald Dahl (1990),
Lili production for Gallimard Jeunesse, directed by François Hubert Rodier.